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October 2017**

SatantaIf you aren't familiar with the radio show, you can hear one of the twenty-two shows that we are airing for the month of October right now. Just click on the title "Satanta" and be taken back to the Old West. It has been said of the show that the listener can actually "feel the leather and smell the gun smoke." Incidentally, all of the stories take place in the month in which they are aired.


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October Line-Up:

BATTLE OF GONZALES – In 1835, when Mexico was confiscating the guns of the Texans, the village of Gonzales refused to give them a cannon. This is considered Texas’ first battle for independence.

CAPTAIN JACK 1&2 – Although Captain Jack and his Modoc warriors held off the military for a long time, he was finally starved out. What happened to him after his death will surprise you.

TOM BELL HANGED – A number of men, and women, were hanged by vigilantes in the Old West. But none approached it the way Tom Bell did.

NAPOLEON JENNINGS – Texas Ranger, Jennings went to notify some fellow rangers that they were to be ambushed by outlaws, only to find he was the target of the people he was trying to save.

CHARLES CANTLEY – Pressures on a lawman are great. The pressures on Deputy Sheriff Cantley drove him to drink, and brought his life to an abrupt end.

SATANTA – One of the Kiowa’s greatest chiefs who regularly had conflicts with the army, and finally, not wishing to spend the rest of his life in jail, tried to fly away.

MARKSMAN HOLLIDAY – Although Doc Holliday was known as a shootest, in reality his shooting skills were merely stories told by Doc and his friends.

TEXAS ANNEXED – Over the years the United States has had many opportunities to be an imperialist nation and annex other countries; back in 1845 we actually did that.

CORNELIUS DONAHUE – An eastern college graduate who went out west, Cornelius became outlaw “Lame Johnny” who has a monument to his life in the Black Hills of the Dakotas even today.

CASSIUS HOLLISTER – Lawmen hate to be called on a family disturbance. Deputy U. S. Marshall Hollister got called on one to many.

SUTRO TUNNEL – Adolph Sutro found a way to get silver out of Comstock mines in Nevada, and although he wasn’t a miner, he made good money doing it.

CAMILLO ORLANDO HANKS – With the changing face of cattle ranches during the later part of the 1800’s many a cowboy found himself out of work. And, like Hanks, they ended up going down the outlaw trail.

LOST DUTCHMAN MINE – Jacob Waltz was either the world’s greatest prankster or the world’s greatest secret keeper. It’s a question thousands of people have tried to discover.

BARBED WIRE – This product, developed by a man in Illinois, was responsible for changing the face of the West, and make the cowboy a farm hand.

O. K. CORRAL 1, 2, 3 – The true story behind the O. K. Corral shootout…the causes, the shootout itself and the aftermath.

CURLY BILL KILLS WHITE – Curly Bill Brocius killed Tombstone Marshal Fred White in front of a number of witnesses, including Wyatt Earp. But, he was found innocent. Just why?

DENVER, COLORADO – Old West boomtowns often disappeared as fast as they appeared. Denver, Colorado is one of the few exceptions.

HELENA, MONTANA – Unlike other boomtowns that began with the discovery of gold or silver, or the arrival of the railroad, Helena only grew when the boom left their town.

CRUZ VEGA – Even though the Bible teaches that vengeance belongs to God, Reverend Mains made sure the supposed killer of a fellow minister got human vengeance.

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