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Chronicle of the Old West began over 13 years ago when Chronicle of the Old West, the newspaper, was brought to life by Dakota Livesay. According to Dakota, "When it comes to the Old West, my objective is to 'tell it as it was' warts and all.”

The incredible popularity of the newspaper lead to then creating and syndicating three and a half minute (3:30) Chronicle of the Old West radio shows ...and now the daily shows are playing on over 120 radio stations, including the Armed Forces Radio Network, and have led to a weekly hour long Chronicle of the Old West that's growing in interest as over 40 stations have committed to entertaining their audience with Chronicle of the Old West.

Every week Dakota continues to hear from Chronicle listeners about the importance and excitement that they place on each episode of Chronicle of the Old West.

"I just wanted to drop a line and say how much I enjoy the Chronicle of The Old West Radio show. It satisfies the continual thirst I have for the stories of our wetern heritage. Your style reminds me of the great "The Rest Of The Story" series by Paul Harvey. Keep up the good work. We'll keep listening. God Bless and Happy Trails."

Jack Blease - Texas

Now...I invite you to enjoy listening to the story of Zane Grey...Teddy Roosevelt and his boat...and don't miss the story of Emperor Norton.

And if you have any questions, please call me directly at (928) 532-2875 or you can email me at Dakota@Ravenheart.com.

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