Dakota Livesay


In an age when reality shows are so popular, Dakota Livesay has been called a one-man Old West reality show.

Dakota Livesay is the publisher of Chronicle of the Old West, a monthly newspaper comprised of actual 1800’s newspaper articles, and the host of the nation’s number one and number two syndicated radio shows dedicated to the history of our American West and author of This Week in the Old West syndicated newspaper column.

According to Dakota, “When it comes to the Old West, my objective is to ‘tell it as it was’, warts and all.”

Dakota Livesay grew up in Southern Illinois watching the silver screen bring his heroes to life. He had a dream of growing up and becoming a cowboy, until he realized he couldn’t do both.

As a young man, Dakota heeded the words of Horace Greeley to “Go west.” There he acquired a legitimate job, which kept him from resorting to robbing banks, stagecoaches and trains.

As a lark, he tried his hand in the movies. Unfortunately, casting agents kept putting him in parts as a businessman…He wanted to be a cowboy.

Through a syndicated newspaper column and numerous magazine articles, Dakota developed a skill for writing interesting stories.

Always intrigued with the difference between “reel” cowboys and “real” cowboys, Dakota wanted to find a unique way to educate and entertain people about what really happened in the west of the late 1800’s. So, in 2000, Chronicle of the Old West was born.

With the success of the newspaper, Dakota was asked to tell stories about the history of the American West as a segment of a nationally syndicated radio show. His stories were so popular that they became their own syndicated daily radio show. Presently the show is aired on 150 radio stations, including American Forces Radio.

People began asking for more information about the Old West. So, Dakota added an hour-long show where he and guests talk about the history of our American West. This show is aired onover 60 radio stations.

These radio shows have a listenership of some six million people per week.

In his personal appearances, Dakota tells stories about Old West characters and events in a way that keeps the audience riveted to his every word. He also delivers talks, based on his book Living The Code motivating people to a higher standard of living.

Although Dakota doesn’t consider himself an expert – just an enthusiast – through print, internet, radio, CDs and personal appearances, he’s giving us all a taste of the real Old West.

Dubbed “The Radio Voice of the Old West” Dakota has won the coveted National Day of the Cowboy, Cowboy Keeper Award, and the Spirit of the Old West Alive Award.

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