The Weekly Radio Show with Dakota Livesay

With the popularity of the daily show, and requests for more information about the Old West, Dakota Livesay started hosting an hour-long weekly show of the appropriate name, Chronicle of the Old West - Weekly Edition.

The show comprises of conversations with people who portray Old West characters or write about people and events from the Old West. Guests include experts who will answer questions sent in by listeners and authorities on western movies. Activities and customs of the 1800's that continue on today are included. Segments take place "along the trail" as Dakota and his wife Sunny travel the historical past of our western states. There is cowboy music from top performers such as... The Sons of the San Joaquin, Dave Stamey, Curly Musgrave and Belinda Gail, R. W. Hampton and much more.

Host, Dakota Livesay, has a relaxed interview style that gives the person interviewed and the listener the feeling everyone is sitting around a campfire sharing stories.

Chronicle of the Old West - Weekly Edition is an entertaining and informative show that intrigues both the Old West enthusiast as well as anyone who is interested in great stories about the history of our American West.

Here’s just a sampling of the topics that we cover:

  • Personality Interviews

  • Old West Events

  • Ask the Expert

  • Old West Book Reviews

  • Collector’s Corner

  • Special Women’s Interests

  • Upcoming Events

  • Along the Trail

  • Old West Stories

Chronicle of the Old West
Weekly Edition Audio Samples...

Conversation with Bill O'Neal:
O.K. Corral-Fact or Fiction?........ Click HERE.

Jim MacGregor conversation:
No Wild Old West if no Civil War?.... Click HERE.

Lee Anderson conversation:
Old West Cowboy Attire..... Click HERE.


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