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Ben Traywick Books

"Frail Prisoners" by Ben TraywickFrail Prisoners  by Ben Traywick

The Yuma Territorial Prison was known for its harshness as a house of detention for some of the worst criminals. What isn’t known is that of the 3,069 prisoners who ended up behind the bars, 29 of them were women. Ben Traywick tells their story for the first time. Incidentally, many were sentenced for crimes that if tried today would be found innocent.

Ben T. Traywick earned 10 battle stars during his tour of duty in the Navy during World War II. He retired as a chemist, having worked in the explosives industry, and moved to Tombstone, Arizona. In 1957, Ben sold his first historical article and has never looked away from his lifelong interest. His first publication in the Tombstone Epitaph came in 1963, paving the road of a writing career that investigates virtually every aspect of that legendary Wild West town and the persona's of its history. Since then, he has written more than 600 newspaper and magazine articles and has published over 40 pamphlets and books. Ben is the director of the Tombstone Tourism Association and the official town historian.

Soft Cover: 202 pages

$18.50 - includes shipping and handling

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