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Chronicle of the Old West presents...

"Gunfights of the Old West" CD

This CD contains sixteen Old West gunfights and shootouts told as history said they happened. They're not necessarily the sixteen most popular ones, but each was selected because, unlike the shootouts in the Western movies and television show, they illustrated how Old West gunfights really took place.

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If you would like to hear a sample story from "Gunfights of the Old West"......

Click HERE to listen to "Billy the Kid vs. His Jailers."

[$11.45 - USA]
[$13.95 - FOREIGN]

Stories included on the CD:

The Shootout at the OK Corral - The True Facts
Billy the Kid vs. His Jailers
Luke Short and A Pocket Watch
The Love of a Woman
Fancy Dresser Commodore Perry Owens
A Night in San Antonio
Bat Masterson's Brothers
Some Timely Advice
"Super Human" County Sheriff
An $8 Fine
"King of the Pistolaros"?
The Dalton Gang's Big Wipe-out
The Deliberate Shooter
A Very Nasty Man
Running for Their Lives

[$11.45 - USA]
[$13.95 - FOREIGN]

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If you'd prefer to order "Gunfights of the Old West" by mail, simply make your check or money order payable to "Chronicle of the Old West" for $11.45 (USA) or $13.95 (FOREIGN) and send it along with your contact information to:

Chronicle of the Old West
PO Box 2859
Show Low, Arizona Territory 85902

If you would prefer ordering "Gunfights of the Old West" by phone, our contact number is:

(928) 532-2875