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Chronicle of the Old West Newspaper Subscription

Whether you’re an Old West enthusiast or just enjoy reading about the history of the United States, you will find Chronicle of the Old West one of the most unique publications on the market today.

Subscribe to Chronicle of the Old West, a newspaper for Old West enthusiasts that bring you as close to the Old West as you can get without a time machine.

Chronicle of the Old West is a 20-page newspaper that contains articles from actual 1800s publications and currently written articles written as if the event has just happened.

We call the publication a “transporter.” Our objective is to transport you back to the 1800s, and show the Old West as it really was. Each month’s articles are about events that took place in the month of the edition.

We have a page called “Woman’s Sphere” that’s especially for women. “Woman’s Sphere” is comprised of 1800s articles showing fashions, and giving advice on everything from household chores to raising children. It will make any woman glad to be alive today.

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OUR GUARANTEE:  "If after receiving two issues of Chronicle of the Old West you aren’t happy with your investment in the Old West, we will issue you full credit for your subscription."

There are also two pages called “The Old West Today”
with information about current events where the reader
can go to experience the Old West.

A recent survey showed that a year’s subscription to Chronicle of the Old West gives the reader anywhere from 20% to 500% more articles about the Old West than any other publication on the market.

If you'd prefer to order a Chronicle of the Old West newspaper subscription by mail,
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and send it along with your contact information to:

Chronicle of the Old West
PO Box 2859
Show Low, Arizona Territory 85902

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our contact number is:

(928) 532-2875