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Chronicle of the Old West presents...

"Dakota Livesay Takes A Look At
Tombstone, Arizona Territory"

If you enjoy
the Old West
you’ll love this CD
comprised of fifteen stories
about the people and events
that helped shape Tombstone, Arizona Territory
into the last great
Old West boomtown
on the continental
United States.

It’s the first of
what we hope to be
a series of CDs
where we look at various aspects
of the history of
our American West.


Price: $11.45 U.S. / $13.95 Foreign
(includes shipping & handling)

USA or Foreign?
Remarks/Special Instructions
Where did you hear about us?

Why did we choose Tombstone as our first CD? 
Quite frankly, because of its popularity.

As you listen to this CD you’ll find that Tombstone had
some most interesting characters walking her streets.

Tombstone’s FoundingTombstone’s EpitaphReverend Peabody

John BehanJohnny Behind the DuceC.S. FlyCurly Bill Brocius

Dr. George GoodfellowDoc Holliday

William BreakenridgeBuckskin Frank Leslie

Ike ClantonBenson Stage Robbery

O.K. Corral ShootoutVirgil and Morgan Earp Shot Again

If you'd prefer to order "TOMBSTONE, ARIZONA TERRITORY" by mail,
simply make your check or money order payable to
"Chronicle of the Old West" for $11.45(USA) or $13.95 (FOREIGN)
and send it along with your contact information to:

Chronicle of the Old West
PO Box 2859
Show Low, Arizona Territory 85902

If you would prefer ordering "TOMBSTONE, ARIZONA TERRITORY" by phone,
our contact number is:

(928) 532-2875