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The February 2017 line-up:

John Slaughter
John Slaughter

BELLE STARR – Born Myra Maybelle Shirley, this "Bandit Queen" choose the wrong man time and time again.

BUCKY O’NEILL 1 & 2 – Bucky is one of those adventurous people from the Old West known only to locals. But not any more.

SUNSET ROUTE – After the completion of the transcontinental railroad, the barons looked south and put together another transcontinental railroad.

JOHN DALY – John is another example of a lawman that augmented his income by being an outlaw on the side. But the citizens of Aurora, Nevada wouldn't put up with it, and they took care of the situation with a length of rope.

OLIVER LEE – A powerful man in New Mexico politics, Lee was able to get a new county formed so he could be tried for murder in friendly surroundings.

FIRST DAYLIGHT BANK ROBBERY – On Valentine's Day 1866 Frank and Jesse James and their gang committed the first daylight bank robbery.

KANSAS COUNTIES – Following the Civil War the government wanted to settle Kansas, so they set up a system for establishing new counties. Con artists loved it.

JOHN SLAUGHTER – Although he was only 5' 3" tall, Slaughter had the heart of a giant.

SILVER DOLLARS MADE LEGAL – Following the "Crime of '73" when the government stopped producing silver coins, the government started using silver again, on a limited basis.

ALBERT SIEBER – Although he wasn't as well known as some Army scouts, Al Sieber was probably the best.

ETTA PLACE – We know that Etta Place was the girlfriend of the Sundance Kid, but that’s about all we know for sure.

SEQUOHAH – Although not formally educated, Sequohah was able to create a written language for the Cherokee people.

CYNTHIA ANN PARKER – Kidnapped as a child by the Comanche, she was later re-kidnapped by Texas Rangers. Neither kidnapping was to her liking.

HENRY STARR 1 & 2 – Although not as well known as other outlaws, Henry robbed more banks than any other outlaw.

FREDERIC REMINGTON – Although he lived only 48 years Remington brought the authentic west to the world with his 2,500 paintings, 25 bronzes and thousands of words.

OUTLAWS HANGED 1 & 2 – Two men held up a Wichita Falls bank in which a cashier was killed. This is the story of their hanging and how they reacted.

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