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Military Camels
Military Camels

JACK McCALL – Double jeopardy didn’t stand in the way of hanging McCall, the killer of Wild Bill Hickok.

TABOR & "BABY" DOE – During the Old West fortunes came and went. Probably the best example is the story of Horace Tabor and his wife "Baby" Doe.

JAMES ALLEN – I’m sure at one time or another you’ve gotten bad service in a restaurant. But, I’m sure you didn’t get what James Allen was serving.

MILITARY CAMELS – Were it not for a twist of fate, it could very well be that outfitters would be using camels as pack animals instead of mules and horses.

BARNEY RIGGS – Barney had an idea about how to keep his pistol from sliding down his pants. It almost cost him his life, but not in the way you may think.

JESSE CHISHOLM – As a mountain man Chisholm traveled the west trading with the Indians and acting as an interpreter for the government. But he’s best known for a cattle trail on which more than a million cattle traveled called the Chisholm Trail.

WILD BILL HICKOK MARRIED – Although most people don’t know it Wild Bill Hickok was married, for six months, at least.

KANSAS BLACK COLONIES – Following the Civil War, Blacks in the South still faced oppression. So, they went to Kansas seeking wealth.

KANSAS QUARANTINE – The Kansas legislature passed a bill prohibiting Texas cowboys and their cattle from coming to Kansas. Although it might seem extreme, there were good reasons for it.

EMMET DALTON – Although it doesn’t always work out, with Emmet, a good woman did get him to walk the straight and narrow.

THE POLITE ROBBERS – All Old West outlaws weren’t rough and gruff. At least all Old West outlaws weren’t rough and gruff all the time.

COWBOYS GO ON STRIKE – Even though they have the tradition of “riding for the brand,” in 1883 some cowboys went on strike. If you know cowboys, you know the outcome.

JUDGE ROY BEAN – The story of “the law west of the Pecos,” a man who was actually just a Justice of the Peace.

CLINT BARKLEY – This is another brother-in-law story. In the end Barkley’s brothers-in-law were either killed in scrapes or hanged by vigilantes.

HORRELL BROTHERS – Everywhere the Horrell brothers went, they created havoc. But, eventually the law and vigilantes caught up with them.

ACTOR BEN PORTER KILLED – It was a tough time in the Old West for both good and bad actors. Ben Porter ended up dead, and Maurice Barrymore was shot. You’ll be interested in hearing who Maurice Barrymore was.

FRANK STILWELL – Six months following the O. K. Corral shootout, the Earps were taking their dead brother, Morgan, to California. They were followed by Frank Stilwell. He became the first victim in Wyatt’s vengeance against the cowboys.

BRONCHO BILLY ANDERSON – The movie industry’s first cowboy star set the standard for cowboy stars to come.

GEORGE MANUSE – Like many an outlaw “Flat Nose George” ended his life at the end of a vigilante’s rope. Today, all that remains of him are a pair of moccasins and tobacco pouch.

GETTYSBURG OF THE WEST – During the Civil War the South looked towards the Southwest for money and men. But the battle that took place on March 26, 1862 ended their efforts.

EMANUEL CLEMENTS – Like his cousin Wes Hardin, Manny robbed and killed. And, like his cousin, he ended up shot dead.

TOM McCARTY – Tom was an outlaw involved with Butch Cassidy. He may not have always been successful, but he did have a macabre sense of humor.

SAM HOUSTON SLANDERED – Sometimes when a man is down you don’t want to kick him. It happened to Sam Houston, and the kicks gave him extra determination.

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