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The April 2017 line-up:


WILLIAM BRADY – When Billy the Kid and his regulators killed Sheriff William Brady, because of the way it happened, Billy started losing support.

MARQUIS DE MORES I & II – Marques De Mores, a French nobleman came to the Dakota badlands to make money in the cattle industry. Unfortunately for him, he not only got on the bad side of the locals, his ideas were way ahead of time.

ED MASTERSON – Although he wasn’t reluctant to do his duty as a lawman, Ed Masterson was just too affable. And it cost him his life.

RICHARDSON/LOVING GUNFIGHT – One of Dodge City’s most famous gunfights, in reality it was just one more fight over a woman.

CHARLES M. RUSSELL I & II – Charles Russell was a cowboy who just happened to be an artist. But, when he met Nancy Cooper, things changed.

UTAH WAR – When Brigham Young brought his followers to Utah, he decided to make it an independent nation. The U.S. didn’t go along with his plan.

BUTCH CASSIDY – Butch was probably the least likely looking and acting head of a bandit gang. But, he sure did a great job of leading outlaws.

RACIAL SLUR – Today a racial slur would result in a lawsuit. In 1881, it resulted in the death of four men.

LEVI STRAUSS – Not all men made their fortune working the gold fields of California. One man who made it elsewhere was a Bavarian immigrant.

POLITICIAN CUSTER – Militarily Custer saw the saw the enemy and attacked. Political Custer tried the same thing, but it didn’t work.

THE MADAMS SHOOTOUT – In Old West El Paso there was more than one place to work, but the soiled doves didn’t want to change madams.

WYATT EARP FIRED – While a deputy in Wichita, Wyatt held up for his boss and ended up being fired.

DEACON JIM MILLER – Jim Miller man was known as Deacon Miller and Killer Miller. And both names were correct.

BATTLE OF SAN JACINTO – This battle took place in just 18 minutes. But it changed the face of the southwest.

CHIEF COMPA – Compa was a friend of a trader named John Johnson. When Johnson decided to make some extra money by dealing in scalps, Compa’s was one of the first he took.

THE GREAT NEWSPAPER BATTLE – In the Old West, being the first in getting the news out wasn’t always important. But, in this instance, a twenty-minute scoop was the difference between success and failure.

TEN MILES OF TRACK – Probably the greatest single achievement of the construction of the transcontinental railroad was the laying of ten miles of track in one day.

BILLY THE KID ESCAPES – When Billy the Kid realized he wasn’t going to get the amnesty he was promised, he escapes his captors.

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