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The May 2017 line-up:


TOMBSTONE EPITAPH 1 & 2 – John Clum founded the Tombstone Epitaph that, prior to and following the O.K. Corral, supported the Earps. And, Clum’s fate was the same as the Earps after the shootout.

PIERCE AND "BITTER CREEK" KILLED – An illustration of how outlaws need to keep an eye on their friends as well as their enemies.

THE GREAT REPUBLIC – A story that illustrates the Biblical principal of casting your bread upon the water.

HUGH GLASS – The unbelievable story of a man’s survival after being mangled by a grizzly bear and left to die.

ISAAC PARKER 1, 2, & 3 – The story of how Isaac Parker became federal judge in the Indian Territory and eventually was known as "The Hanging Judge."

PYRAMID LAKE WAR – In the battle between the cowboys and Indians, sometimes the Indians not only won, they won big. This is a perfect illustration.

MORSE-SOTO SHOOTOUT – Was there a Superman in the 1800s? When you’re done with this story, you may think his name was Harry Morse.

WILLIAM SUBLETTE – Most mountain men wanted to stay away from people. Sublette was different. He was an organizer and a businessperson.

SAN QUENTIN JAILBREAK – Because of extenuating circumstances, this "jailbreak" was more of a "let-out."

JOHN THOMPSON – Here is the amazing story of a mailman who, for twenty years, endured unbelievable obstacles to make sure the mail was delivered.

DICK FELLOWS – We think of Old West outlaws as good horsemen. But that sure wasn’t true of Dick Fellows.

WALLACE'S HORSE – Jim Wallace had a white faced horse that seemed to get him in a lot of trouble.

SODBUSTERS – With the signing of the Homestead Act, pioneers went out west only to find areas with no lumber to build homes. But they adapted.

CURLY – Curly was a Crow Indian scout attached to George Custer’s command. Circumstances were such that he watched Custer’s defeat from a nearby hill.

CODY’S MEDAL OF HONOR – Most people don’t know that Buffalo Bill Cody won a Congressional Medal of Honor. Well, he won it; got it taken away; and then got it again.

KIT CARSON 1 & 2 – Carson was a true frontiersman, diplomat, Indian agent, military genius and leader of men who had a secret his whole life. It was that he was illiterate.

BOB LEATHERWOOD – Heroes sometimes come about because of an accident. This was true of Leatherwood.

JOHN WESLEY HARDEN 1 & 2 – Although he was a preacher's son, and named after the founder of the Methodist Church, this John Wesley was a murderer and all around bad guy.

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