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The July 2017 line-up:

Black Jack Ketchum
Black Jack Ketchum

A DRUNKEN BLACK JACK – A couple of miners thought they could get the best of Black Jack Ketchum because Black Jack was drunk. But they were wrong.

JULY 4 CELEBRATION – Using limited resources, the Nevada mining camps of Hamilton and Treasure Hill have a great Independence Day celebration.

CLAY ALLISON – Clay Allison was probably the first victim of drunk driving. But then, he was first in many things.

ORLANDO ROBBINS – Here is an Old West lawman that needs to be discovered by Hollywood.

A COWBOY’S EXPERIENCE – The actual words of a cowboy describing his experience at the end of a cattle drive.

WARREN MASSACRE 1 & 2 – What could be called one of the most unique stories in the conflict between Indians and whites.

SAM BROWN – What the law couldn’t do, a citizen did. And a jury showed its gratitude.

JUAN BIDENO – When a tough man meets up with a TOUGH man, as in the case of this story, the TOUGH man usually wins.

JEFF SMITH KILLED – Jeff Smith was a conman who knew every way to separate a man from his money, including at the point of a gun.

ROCK CREEK SHOOTOUT 1 & 2 – Quite often, there are a number of different versions of Old West events…especially when Wild Bill Hickok is involved.

ALEXANDER TODD – Alexander went to California to work the gold fields. Once there he discovered much easier ways to gain wealth.

JOHN WILLIAM POE – John Poe had a chance to gain fame for killing Billy the Kid. But the opportunity passed him by like a ghost in the night.

BILLY THE KID KILLED – Although some say Pat Garrett killed The Kid in a cowardly way. Would you have done differently?

BUTCH CASSIDY JAILED – Quite often, it seems the authorities were less concerned about someone committing crime, than they were that crime wasn’t committed in their region. At least that was true with this story.

WILLIAM ELLSWORTH LAY – As a member of Black Jack Ketchum and Butch Cassidy’s gang, “Elzy” found himself the mastermind behind their capers.

DONNER PARTY 1 & 2 & 3 – The story of a wagon train that took a shortcut, which resulted in their ending spending a winter from hell.

DOC KILLS GORDON – Doc Holliday kills his first man. And wouldn’t you known it, a woman was involved.

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