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The November 2017 line-up:

Joseph Walker
Joseph Walker

NED CHRISTIE – The posse trying to arrest Christie used as much armament as used in a major battle. But Christie stuck it out to the end.

BLACK BART 1 & 2 – Black Bart, also known as the "Poet Bandit", was one of the Old West's most unique stage robbers.

TETON JACKSON – A horse thief who store horses, not one or two at a time, but by the hundreds. But, like many outlaws, after spending time in jail he went down the straight and narrow.

DANIEL STEEL KILLED – We've all had a bad meal at a restaurant. I doubt that any of us have done what Jack Carr did because of a bad meal. He killed the restaurant owner

BUTCH & SUNDANCE FINAL SHOOTOUT – Just how did Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid actually die? Was it in Bolivia, or of old age back here in the States?

DAN CLIFTON – As a member of Bill Doolin's gang, Dan, also known as "Dynamite Dick", went out of this world with a bang.

DOC HOLLIDAY – Doc Holliday went to his grave unable to accomplish the one thing he wanted to do all his adult life, die in a gun fight.

RUSSIAN BILL – William Rogers Tattenborn, also known as Russian Bill, was "A darn nuisance". And it cost him his life, at the end of a rope.

JOSEPH WALKER – One of the lesser-known mountain men who came across the giant sequoias of Yosemite Valley.

AUGUSTINE CHACON – Although he was a cold-blooded killer, Augustine did face his final day on this earth as a man.

CHARLES STANTON – The story of a man who started with nothing, and became the most influential man in the area. Unfortunately, he didn't do it legally.

INDEX NEWSPAPER – Frontier newspapers were unique. But none was as unique as the Index Newspaper with its 25 different locations.

WILLIAM BECKNELL – A trader in the early Southwest, Becknell was around at the time Mexico defeated Spain, and ended up discovering the famous Santa Fe Trail.

JAMES EAST – As a young cowboy James joined a posse that eventually captured Billy The Kid. This experience resulted in his spending the remaining fifty years of his life as a lawman.

THOMAS CARSON – As a lawman Thomas was a bully. The people of Kansas couldn't take him, but it was different for the people of Texas.

HARVEY WHITEHILL – Sheriff Whitehill wasn't above deceiving outlaws in order to get convictions.

CUSTER COURT-MARTIALED – George Custer always seemed to live on the edge. In 1867, he stepped over it, and was court-martialed on eight counts.

LITTLE BIG HORN RETALIATIONS – In less than five months after the Little Big Horn, retaliations started with the attack of Chief Dull Knife's village.

LINDSEY APPLEGATE – One of the good Indian Agents, Applegate tried to get two rival tribes to live together. But it wasn't to be.

JIM BECKWOURTH – We've all been in situations that we've wondered how we got there. This one affected Beckwourth so much that he turned his back on white society.

EVEN OUTLAWS VOTE – We don't think of outlaws as being democratic. But a vote was taken during Butch Cassidy's first train robbery.

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