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The December 2017 line-up:

Elfego Baca
Elfego Baca

ELFEGO BACA – Although you have probably never heard of him, Elfego had more grit than the Old West's most famous heroes.

MONROE DOCTRINE – Two speeches delivered 22 years apart, to the day, developed the policy of "manifest Destiny."

WYATT EARP BOXING REFEREE – Because of his celebrity status, while in San Francisco, Wyatt refereed a title-boxing match. I'm sure he enjoyed the O.K. Corral shootout better.

SHERIFF LUND – As Sheriff Lund discovers, just because the law is on his side, it doesn't mean it's easy to chase down the outlaws.

WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE – At the beginning of 1869 women could not vote nor hold political office. But that was changed by the least likely state… Wyoming.

CAMILLUS SIDNEY FLY - Tombstone, Arizona's erstwhile photographer missed out on getting some historic pictures. And, no one knows just why.

DOC HOLLIDAY'S LIFE SAVED – In this instance Doc Holliday's life was saved not by a pistol or a knife, but a match.

BENJAMIN EDWARDS – Ten years before the revolution that created an independent Texas, Edwards tried his own revolution. When it failed, he wasn't around to pick up the pieces.

TOM O'FOLLIARD – Although Tom wasn’t well known, he’s presently buried next to Billy the Kid, because he was Billy's best friend.

FETTERMAN'S MASSACRE – Captain Fetterman said he could safely ride through Indian country with only 80 men. He got his chance. The ride was over in minutes.

DR. GEORGE GOODFELLOW – When President Garfield was assassinated, he had the best eastern doctors tending his wounds. Had he been shot in Tombstone, Arizona, he very well could have survived.

MONTANA VIGILANTES 1 & 2 – Henry Plummer and his "Innocents" controlled the goldfields of Montana, until the local citizens formed an Old West version of a neighborhood watch.

SIOUX MASS HANGING – Had President Lincoln not commuted a number of sentences, there would have been a mass hanging of 307 men, instead of 39.

TIBURCIO VASQUEZ 1 & 2 – Tiburcio did crazy things like hold up a whole town. And, even though he was hanged, he was a hero to many a person.

DEATH VALLEY CHRISTMAS – Caught in the middle of Death Valley, the Brier family found their Christmas celebration was one they probably never forgot.

CHARLEY PARKHURST – One of the Old West's best-known stage drivers was discovered to be living a life of deception.

WOUNDED KNEE – Without a doubt one of the worst atrocities in the Plains Indian Wars, it was one that neither side really wanted.

STUDEBAKER VEHICLES – Classic car collectors are familiar with the Studebaker automobiles. But, the Studebaker brothers were making vehicles back in 1852.

CYNTHIA'S NEW YEAR'S DANCE – This evening of celebration ended up in death. And, interestingly, it wasn't caused by alcohol.

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