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Dakota Livesay recording at the studioChronicle of the Old West is not only a monthly Old West newspaper; it is also a syndicated daily radio program and an hour-long weekly edition radio program.

On THE DAILY EDITION, five days a week Dakota Livesay shares a story about an event or person from the Old West. To see what is playing this month or to listen to this month's selected story CLICK HERE. If you would like to browse through a list of daily featured AUDIO TRACKS click HERE.

Dakota Livesay preparing for the showAnd on our new WEEKLY EDITION OF THE RADIO SHOW, Dakota hosts the show. The show contains interviews with Old West experts about people and events from the 1800s, and also has great traditional and cowboy music and information about the Old West that will entertain and educate the listener about our Western history. You can view information on our CURRENT weekly hour-long show by clicking HERE


Even though our two radio shows are on over 200 stations, there are large areas of the United States…not to mention the rest of the world…where neither of the shows can be heard. It’s very frustrating because, for people interested in the history of our American West, these shows have some good stuff.

Each day our short format show shares a story from our history. As I have been known to say, “The stories tell the history of our American West, warts and all.”

Because it may be a while before everyone can hear the shows on their radio, we’ve made it possible for everyone to be able to hear the shows on their CD player.

By clicking HERE you can get information about our Daily Shows on CD (a month's worth at a time.) We’ve tried to make the shows as affordable as possible.

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